2018) Awarded in iF product design award_RingO

Design - Like Canvas

Ringo is a new-conceptional smart lighting. Circular simple design exists for a wide range of accessories available to consumers according to preference. It becomes a new interior element. This lighting can used for ceiling surface, as well as walls and pendant.

Tech - install time Just 10 sec

Ringo's new install method is different from previous, it requires 10 seconds. After installing the bracket, push the light to complete. The internal lock button prevents from falling off easily, and improved in stability against natural disasters like earthquakes. ‘Polymer soft acrylic diffuser’ is being light and shock-resistant, dust-proof and maximizes the diffusion to give soft, glare-free light. Inside, it uses an optically designed lens to spread the light distribution of high-linearity LED widely and uniformly.

Function - lighting effect

The product line consists of ON/OFF, DIMMING, TUNO (Color Temperature Change) and Daylight. TUNO type is for adolescents to provide sensibility(3000k), relaxation(4000k), thinking power(5000k), and concentration(6000k). The daylight type detects the external environment through sensor and maintains proper and constant light.


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Gangnam-gu Seoul, Korea
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